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Rudolph John Barnes Award

At the First PCEA National Convention, May 17, 1975, Dale Gillis, Vice President of G.G. Ray Co. of Charlotte, a large Roofing Company at that time, presented to the Association two handsome trophies as a memorial award in memory of Rudolph John Barnes, Past President of G.G. Ray Company. Mr. Barnes was a strong supporter in the efforts made to make the PCEA a National Association. Since that time, the Rudolph John Barnes Award has been presented annually by National PCEA to recognize exceptional service at the National level by an outstanding individual in the Association. The original selection committee was made up of the National Directors from each Chapter and they chose the recipient from members presented to them by their various chapters. This selection committee was later changed as the Association grew to the present Committee that consists of the five most recent active recipients. The award consist of a large trophy with the recipients name affixed, and is retained by the recipient for a period of one year, until the next recipient is selected. A smaller trophy is then presented to the previous recipient as a permanent award.

2017-2018 Rudolph John Barnes Award,
National Estimator of the Year Award

Perhaps the most coveted award given by PCEA is the Rudolph John Barnes National Estimator of the Year Award. This award is given annually to a person that has gone above and beyond on the National Level to contribute to the success of PCEA. This year’s recipient is Kim Lybrand. Mrs. Lybrand  has served as the National Office Manager for 20 years. This last last year Kim retired from our organization. For all these years she has been the back bone of the National PCEA. She has been the go to person for each and every President, helping to organize the conventions as well as aiding each chapter in there various tasks. She has been a vital part of The National PCEA organization that will be greatly missed.

Past Recipients

Name Chapter Year
Vern W. "Bill" Helms, Jr. Charlotte 1976
W. Aubrey Federal Charlotte 1977
Dale I. Gillis Charlotte 1978
Frank "Dusty" Callohan Triangle 1979
G. Keith Middleton Charlotte 1980
Marshall L. Gurley Triangle 1981
Larry Thompson Piedmont 1982
R. P. "Stephen" Davis Charlotte 1983
Ted G. Wilson Charlotte 1984
S. Ray Currin, Jr. Triad 1985
Bill Downey Triangle 1986
H.H. "Hub" Lyles Charlotte 1987
Jack Smith Piedmont 1988
Lynn Nash Catawba Valley 1989
Phil Spangler Piedmont 1990
Tim Harward Triangle 1991
Dick Wells Columbia 1992
Bill Shuler Triad 1993
Don Earles Columbia 1994
Wally Mills Triangle 1995
Grover Edwards Catawba Valley 1996
Eddie Carroll Triad 1997
Ann Helms CSRA 1998
Cheryl Honeycutt Triangle 1999
Richard Mosby Central Virginia 2000
Mel Rosenbaum Charlotte 2001
Lynn Keaton Piedmont 2002
Dennis Childs Columbia 2003
Ron Kiser Triad 2004
Chris Betts Charlotte 2005
Alva D. Gaskin, Jr. CSRA 2006
Taylor Wyant Hampton Roads 2007
Kevin Jackson Triangle 2008
Trey Shaw (Posthumously) CSRA 2009
Wesley Ferree Triad 2010
Charles S. "Chuck" Sauls Orlando 2011
Gail Chapman Columbia 2012
Cebert White Hampton Roads 2013
William H. "Bill" Barton Columbia 2014
Randall Williams Catawba Valley 2015
Matt Solomon Columbia 2016
 Rob Bauer
Orlando 2017
 Kim Lybrand
National Office Manager